Why FastGrid, LLC?

Leaders in Renewables & Energy Storage


FastGrid understands that project development is a complex and intensive process. Our team strives to provide deliverables that add value in a timely fashion. We ensure that our clients won't go days wondering what work has been performed.


More than simply a service provider, we first work to understand your project, your unique situation and your overall objectives. We then align with each of these to create solutions collaboratively that will deliver your project successfully.


Unlike other firms, we have walked in your shoes with experience across the project development value chain. We create value with decades of knowledge from having actually developed, engineered, negotiated, constructed and conducted M&A in the traditional, renewable and energy storage space.

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Agility is a key component to any successful project, and your engineering firm should be no different. We leverage our team and expertise to engage quickly and can efficiently transition into multiple phases or projects with you, as your industry partner.

Technology Agnostic

"We fly no flag" - FastGrid does not endorse or represent any given technology or solution. The solution that we develop together with you is strictly based on what is best for your specific project, your desired solution, and your cost basis supported by our market knowledge and experience.


Learn more about us. See our Statement of Capabilities Here.