Development Engineering and Owner’s Engineering Services


  • Site Assessments and Layouts (PV and BESS)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Plant capacity/indicative designs
  • Resource studies
  • Feasibility studies/constraint analysis
  • Technology benchmarking
  • Request for proposal support
  • Energy yield modeling/analysis for PV and/or storage
  • Energy yield mapping
  • Advanced energy storage simulation and optimization
  • Energy storage retrofit
  • PVSyst shading scene development
  • Preliminary medium voltage collection routing and single line diagram


  • Preliminary pile design for estimating purposes
  • Preliminary foundation design for inverters
  • Pile information review and commentary
  • Grading vs steel analysis
  • Preliminary geotech report review (if preliminary report is provided)


  • Foundation suitability
  • Pile testing
  • Corrosion
  • Thermal resistivity
  • Preliminary geotech report
  • Review soiling boring logs, lab testing results and historic resistivity data
  • Provide expected subsurface conditions
  • Fatal flaw review
  • Geotech SOW based on subsurface conditions


  • Constraints map/buildable area development
  • Array layout preparation
  • Alta and TOPO surveys
  • Preliminary site assessment
  • Topography analysis for tracker tolerances and earthwork estimates
  • Hydrology/stormwater study analysis
  • Geotech report analysis
  • Wildlife/habitat studies analysis
  • Environmental site assessment review
  • Preliminary drainage and flow control design
  • Commissioning services
  • Entitlement services
  • Traffic engineering
  • Transportation and route analysis
  • Conceptual landscape design
  • Preliminary grading analysis
  • Wetland delineation, reporting, permitting and mitigation
  • Floodplain studies
  • FEMA permitting
  • Shadow analysis
  • Permitting (Local, USACOE, erosion control, environmental, DOT, stormwater)


  • Aerial Imagery/LiDAR survey
  • Ground Control and Truthing
  • Topographic Survey